This website is one of three which I am developing to reach as many people as possible with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ (II Corinthians 4:4).


In this site, I will be compiling the testimonies (both written and video) of people from all walks of life who have found life and truth in Jesus Christ. This includes people who, like myself, were once atheists, agnostics and New Agers, those who were involved with other religions from Satanism to the occult to radical Islam and everything in-between.

All of these testimonies reveal the extraordinary ways in which God reveals Himself to people and confirm the validity of the Christian faith. I pray that they may be used to bring many seeking people into the Kingdom of God.

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This will be a site filled with help for those who are struggling with life issues such as addictions, emotional problems and spiritual emptiness and need to access the healing and liberating power of Jesus Christ. The truth is that all human beings are broken and in need of healing. And the greatest recovery program ever designed is the salvation of Jesus Christ and the glorious Christian life. I pray that this website can bring many struggling people into a relationship with the greatest healer who ever lived – Jesus Christ!