For all who wish to know the awesome God who created all things and the glorious life He intends for you to live.

Pastor Dale Walker
Pastor Dale Walker
Do you know this glorious God? Would you like to learn more about Him and how you can have a life-giving and life-changing personal relationship with Him?

My first You Tube video “How a Sixties Generation Atheist, political activist and New Age explorer found God” tells the story of how Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me while I was living on Prince Edward Island in Canada in the 1970’s. This is the beginning of a You Tube channel on which I will post an updated testimony and a variety of helpful videos aimed at enhancing the Christian lives of those who desire to have a deeper relationship with God.
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How Can I Know God?

The Lost Art of Communing with God

May 21, 2020
Full-Length Bible Study / Miscellaneous

E pluribus unum – “Out of Many, One” PART I

How Can I Know God?

Responding to the Callings of God – PART III

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The Lost Art of Communing with God

May 21, 2020

We are all meant to have a living and spiritually fulfilling relationship with God. When we don’t develop this type […]

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